Several killed in Sydney stabbing incident; police advise locals to avoid area

An incident occurred in a suburb of Sydney, with locals advised to stay away from the area

At least four people have reportedly been killed in a suspected stabbing incident in Westfield Bondi Junction, an eastern suburb of Sydney, according to local media on Saturday. New South Wales police have confirmed that a “critical incident” took place following the shooting of an unidentified man in the area. They added that officers responded to the scene after receiving reports of multiple people being stabbed. “People are urged to avoid the area,” they said. While police did not provide any details on the number of casualties, the Sydney Morning Herald reported, citing sources, that at least four people were killed, with “many more” in critical condition.

Footage has emerged of the horrific stabbing in Sydney’s Bondi Junction, with initial reports suggesting victims included one baby and six adults: — The Australian (@australian)