USBRI Introduces HUBZone Certification Service

Obtaining Hubzone certification might boost revenue for your company. But in order to receive this certificate, you have to fulfill a few prerequisites.Dunedin, Florida Apr 13, 2024  – Have you started a company and want to know how to get HUBZone certification to reach higher business goals? USBRI ( assists small businesses in getting properly registered and certified by completing much of the registration and certification process, which also includes HUBZone Certification. A can help your business increase sales. However, you must meet certain requirements to obtain this certificate.

Eligibility Criteria for Hubzone Certification

The various criteria for Hubzone certification are:

At least 51% of the company owners must be U.S. citizens.

At least 35% of the total number of employees must reside in the Hub Zone.

Your business must be classified as a small business by the SBA (Small Business Administration). SBA regulations must be separated into NAICS codes.

The Hubzone Certificate brings many benefits to your trading, including:

Large organizations must submit bids for federal contracts and certify that their bids include companies registered in the Hub Zone. The contract is worth more than $550,000.

For federal contracts, 10% of the price is preferred.

Hubzone businesses receive additional construction guarantees from their SBA and benefit from special financing and other related resources.

To avoid any problems in the application approval process, you must take advantage of USBRI. They will support you at every step of the application process. Their advisor will accompany you to obtain all necessary documents and ensure that your application is complete. Having expert help can make the application process easier.

About USBRI:

Founded in 2011, USBRI helps and supports small businesses in getting registered and certified by completing the registration and certification process for them. We handle as much of the filing and data assignment as possible, while only pulling you in where absolutely necessary.  This includes the , , , , HUBZone Certification, and 8 (a) Program.Media ContactUSBRI188864699981310 Heather Ridge Blvd Dunedin Source :USBRI