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Aretis Creces Protocol, June 27, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – DeFi 3.0 is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and gives $ARIS token holders the highest fixed return in crypto with 266,968.29% APY.

Extremely volatile market context

The current market is witnessing a sharp decline; popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH or BNB have really struggled in the last month. Moreover, a lot of negative information is causing confusion for the community.

With the mission of bringing the divided community together, the development team has worked very hard to build and create a truly secure and reliable monetization protocol – Aretis Creces Protocol. So what are the outstanding advantages of Aretis Creces protocol?

An exceptional, secured and transparent protocol

Trading activities are potentially risky; when the market falls, even the leading funds face face the risk of bankruptcy. Aretis Creces Protocol simplifies all investor operations and minimizes all possible risks; all they need to do is buy tokens and hold them in their wallet. Buy-Hold-Earn

How does Aretis Creces Auto-Staking work?

When you buy $ARIS, your tokens are instantly staked and started getting rebase rewards transferred straight to your wallet every 10 minutes, 144 times per day. By using a Positive Rebase formula, Aretis Creces allows token distribution to be paid directly proportionate to epoch rebase rewards, worth 0.015012% of the entire $ARIS tokens stored in your wallet every 10 minute epoch period. The rebase rewards are distributed to all $ARIS holders at the end of each epoch (rebase period).

With a continuous and entirely automated operating mechanism, this will be one of the advantages for Aretis Creces Protocol to be easily accessible and targeted to all investors, even those who are not proficient in using the system’s operations or do not have much time to check the market frequently.

DAO-Referral Rewards

The developers of the Aretis Creces Protocol have built a DAO-Referral Reward mechanism, which allows anyone to participate in the protocol development. Members can build small, decentralized ‘autonomous organizations’ working towards a common goal.

10% of trading fee is allocated to the Referral Rewards fund, which will be used to reward users who contribute to ACP. Connection binding is confirmed by $ARIS01 token, which is obtained through the Referral Rewards program. To get Referral Rewards, you must meet the following conditions:

– Hold at least $1,000 ARIS tokens

– Transfer at least 1 $ARIS01 token to a wallet address that does not have any $ARIS01 tokens

Referral Bonus will be calculated and distributed as follows: When the friend you refer buys $ARIS tokens, 10% of the trading volume is shared by the last 10 referrers, which is 4 %, 2%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%

Obviously, the DAO-Referral Rewards mechanism not only promotes community development, but also helps users, along with fixed APY, have the opportunity to earn a lot more $ARIS.

The widely spread project will attract many new users, forming a strong community, and as a result, getting more profits.

The investors themselves will be a “small-scale developer” of the project, and of course, their constructive activities will be well rewarded.

The developers have figured out a means to build the DAO-Partner Program to exploit the gap – connect the market right in the IDO phase of the project.

After staking 300 USDT, you will be able to apply for ACP-DAO partnership with a limitless number of partners and enjoy the following benefits:

– After claiming 500 $ARIS01, you need to build your ACP-DAO team structure before $ARIS listing (the ACP-DAO binding relationship will be validated after you send at least 1 $ARIS01 to an address that has never received $ARIS01 before).

– Once inviting at least 10 IDO participants, your staked 300 USDT will be refunded, and you will be eligible for an extra $ARIS IDO allocation of $200 USDT, as well as an ACP NFT (transferable to others), with which you will get ACP dividends.

– If the task is not completed at the end of IDO Round, 300 USDT will not be refunded.

– Dividend: 6% of all selling fees will become dividends distributed to all wallet addresses holding NFT.

Have faith and overcome the downtrend

It is difficult to predict that the market will get better in the near future; many experts believe that we will still have to experience new “shocks” from the Crypto Market.

The tremendous development of Blockchain technology and the benefits it brings are obvious. However, for a protocol or project to survive and thrive, a really trustworthy smart contract, a multinational community that breaks down cultural barriers and expands people’s access to technology, are required.

The Aretis Creces protocol takes advantage of the increased interest in the Cryptocurrency market.

With easy, accessible operation, smart and transparent mechanism, the project is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. Aretis Creces Protocol will really be a new financial protocol for bringing wealth.

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