Ukraine Rejects Hungarian Ceasefire Proposal

Ukraine has rejected a Hungarian proposal to end the conflict with Russia, according to a statement from Igor Zhovkva, deputy head of staff for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

During a visit to Kyiv on Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban suggested a “quick ceasefire” to expedite peace negotiations. However, Zhovkva dismissed the proposal, stating that Ukraine has a clear and well-defined position on the matter.

“[Orban] voiced his opinion,” Zhovkva told Ukrainian television. “This is not the first country that talks about such possible developments.”

“Ukraine’s position is quite clear, understandable and well-known,” Zhovkva emphasized, adding that a ceasefire “cannot be considered in isolation.”

Zhovkva reiterated Ukraine’s commitment to Zelensky’s “peace formula,” a ten-point plan for ending the conflict that includes a complete Russian withdrawal from Ukrainian territory, reparations for war damage, and the prosecution of war criminals.

Moscow has dismissed Zelensky’s peace formula as unreasonable and non-negotiable. Instead, Russia has proposed its own ceasefire conditions, which include the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from territories claimed by Russia and legally binding guarantees that Ukraine will never join NATO.