Trump Says Biden Could Face Criminal Charges

Former US president Donald Trump has suggested that his rival, current President Joe Biden, could face criminal prosecution in the future.

During a televised debate on Thursday in Atlanta, Georgia, Trump made the claim while discussing Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who was recently found guilty of violating federal gun laws. Trump asserted that Biden himself could be convicted of crimes after leaving office.

Trump launched numerous accusations against Biden during the 90-minute debate, criticizing his economic, immigration, and foreign policy stances. Biden defended his presidency, arguing that Trump had left the country in disarray.

Biden countered Trump’s accusations by highlighting Trump’s own legal troubles, referencing the recent jury verdict finding Trump guilty of falsifying business records during the 2016 campaign. Biden also mentioned ongoing investigations and a civil lawsuit against Trump.

Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing, portraying the legal cases against him as politically motivated. He accused Biden of pursuing political opponents.

Despite his legal battles, Trump has vowed to hold his opponents accountable if he wins the 2024 election.