Netizen laments confusing experience of being hired twice and rejected twice by BPO company

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen on Facebook lamented her experience while applying for a certain BPO company.

In a series of confusing events, Sarah Marie de Guzman recounted her frustrating experience of being hired, then not hired, then hired again, and finally rejected by the company.

Sarah Marie de Guzman was frustrated with her BPO application experience
Sarah Marie de Guzman was frustrated with her BPO application experience, where she was hired twice and later on got rejected | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Sarah Marie de Guzman

According to De Guzman’s timeline, she submitted her resume on February 27 and had an assessment the day after. She had an interview the following day, and after 2 days, she was told she passed. Unfortunately, on March 4, the BPO company’s hiring manager said her application was denied and she wasn’t hired. This was the first part where she was hired and later rejected.

De Guzman asked why her application was rejected but she was told earlier she was hired. The company replied, “[in verbatim] Just so you know, there are also a lot of applicants that are for line-up so we can’t assure you that you will be picked since we only have limited slots. The decision is still depends on the hiring manager.”

Adding to her confusion, De Guzman received another email from the company at 2:00 in the morning confirming that she had passed the application again. De Guzman said she clarified three times if she was really hired, and the company confirmed. She was even sent an orientation and training schedule for her to attend. However, on the day of the supposed orientation, she received an email that the event had been canceled. Hours later, she was told her application was rejected. This was the second series of being hired and rejected again.

An excerpt of the email from the company stated, “[In verbatim] We all want you to be part of the team but we have rules to follow like what our recruiter told you in this few days we have limited slots in this position, we will no longer consider you interested in this position and we will drop you from our internal recruiting pipeline.”

Frustrated at the confusing events, De Guzman wrote a lengthy email in Filipino expressing her disappointment and frustration over the company and their application process. An excerpt of her letter stated, “Once again? Hindi na naman ako tanggap po? Human resource/recruiter kayo pero hindi kayo marunong maghandle at makipag-usap ng tao ng tama?”

“Pinapaasa at pinaglalaruan niyo lang po ako,” she added.

As the post went viral, the BPO company’s Facebook page posted a cryptic response, implying there’s more to the story. It posted, “Everyone saw it and everyone sent all their comments, Stay tuned for the EPIC Plot twist.”

Many are alleging that the BPO company is a scam, but according to its website it has been operating since 2005. The BPO company listed its location as Clark, Pampanga.

Wag na kayo mag apply dito. Hahaha

Feb 27 – nagpass ako…

Posted by Sarah Marie De Guzman on Tuesday, March 7, 2023

— Sally, The Summit Express