Man Caught Smuggling 100 Snakes in His Pants

Chinese customs officers apprehended the suspect while he was attempting to cross the border between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Chinese customs authorities apprehended a man attempting to smuggle over 100 live snakes into the country by concealing them in his pants, local media reported on Tuesday.

The individual, who appeared suspicious, was detained by officials last week while attempting to enter the country through the non-declaration channel at Futian Port in Shenzhen, a checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China.

During inspection, officers discovered six plastic bags stuffed into the man’s trouser pockets, containing a diverse array of live snakes. A total of 104 reptiles were found hidden in his pants.

Five snake species were subsequently identified – milk snakes, western hognose snakes, corn snakes, Texas rat snakes, and bullsnakes. Four of these species are not native to China and are therefore prohibited from being brought into the country without proper certification.

The customs authority did not disclose the smuggler’s identity, nor did they specify whether the individual had been arrested. However, the agency cautioned that, in accordance with Chinese legislation regarding biosafety and disease control, legal action may be pursued if the man’s actions are deemed to have violated regulations.

Animal trafficking is a prevalent issue in China, despite the existence of laws prohibiting the practice. Last month, CCTV News reported that a man had been apprehended while trying to smuggle a total of 454 turtles, including some endangered species, into mainland China from Macau.