Incoming BIR chief to ask Marcos to be a ‘role model’ in paying taxes

Lilia Guillermo to ask Marcos tax liabilities

MANILA, Philippines – Incoming Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) commissioner Lilia Guillermo said she’s ready to ask the Marcos family to be a ‘role model’ in paying taxes.

Lilia Guillermo to ask Marcos tax liabilities
The incoming BIR chief says she’s willing to ask the Marcos family to be a role model in paying taxes | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Imee Marcos

Guillermo is a former deputy commissioner of the BIR and was recently appointed by president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to be the next BIR chief. She said she’s going to check the documents associated with the P203-billion tax liabilities of the Marcos family. Guillermo added that if the presidential family’s tax liabilities really reach 200 billion, it would be a big contribution to their collections.

“We have to convert those properties to cash para madagdag sa tax collections ng BIR. And ganun ang gagawin ko,” she said.

“Please give me time to look at the documents. How much are we talking about? I don’t know if it’s really 200 billion. If that is really the amount, imagine, it will really help collections of BIR.”

Furthermore, if there’s a need to collect real estate taxes, Guillermo will ask the presidential family to be a “role model” and pay their tax liabilities. But before that, the chief said the agency needs to verify the details first.

“Actually sabi ko nga, I need to know details, I need to know… Alam mo ang sasabihin ko lang naman sa kanya kung saka-sakaling I have to collect or BIR has to collect, sabihin ko sa kanya this amount, hindi naman po talaga kayo ang magbabayad, it’s the estate,” she said.

“‘Puwede ho ba maging role model kayo?’ ‘Yun ang magiging ano eh. The Marcoses will now pay their taxes because nag-comply sa batas. It came from the Supreme Court, it’s final and executory so, ‘yun lang naman ang sasabihin ko sa kanya pero I should have the correct data,” she added.

She also clarified that there’s been no prior discussion between her and the president-elect about the controversial tax liability. “Walang ganoong pag-aalinlangan because I met the President himself. Wala siyang sinabi tungkol doon,” Guillermo said.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling in 1997 demanding the Marcos pay their estate tax liability amounting to P23 billion. Through the years, the family contested the decision, leading to a delay in the collection efforts until the amount ballooned.

— Sally, The Summit Express