French President Macron shifts stance on Russia’s role in Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron recently delivered a speech on the future of Europe. He called for reform of the continent, saying that Europe moves too slowly and struggles to meet modern challenges. According to Macron, it is also important to continue supporting Ukraine. However, earlier Macron spoke of a greater Europe stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

Political observer Dmitry Drize does not rule out a final break between the West and Russia. Macron previously said he envisioned Europe spanning from Lisbon to Vladivostok. But now Ukraine is receiving assistance like long-range missiles, though with delays. Meanwhile, it seems Russia has been excluded from Europe. Geographically, much of Russia remains on the continent, and the existing borders cannot change. However, mentally and in terms of today’s values, they are saying “We will do without you.”

While offensive, this is unsurprising since Russia is seen as the main threat and accused of planning to attack NATO countries, with some naming supposed dates. Interestingly, Russian travel agencies report increased demand for trips to Europe. There are long queues for Schengen visas and consulates are overwhelmed. Destinations like Italy, Spain and France remain popular despite much higher costs and hostility from these countries. It’s hard to say why. But this supposedly decaying world still attracts people.

Or perhaps we are not enemies after all? Even the West does not fully understand this. It is time to return to big politics. It seems we are considering whether to separate completely or leave the door slightly open. But it feels this door will soon slam shut, and time is running out to stop it. So European tourist trips make sense – one should take the opportunity while it lasts. Events are moving too fast. Macron appears to have transformed from a dove to a hawk before our eyes. It’s hard now to imagine he was once scolded for his apparent loyalty to Russia.