Farage Urges Zelensky to Pursue Peace to Save Ukraine

The British politician says Kiev is running out of ‘young men’ to fight Russia

Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK, has asserted that Ukraine’s military capabilities are waning due to a shortage of personnel. He contends that Ukraine’s chances of achieving victory against Russia on the battlefield are slim, given the depletion of its manpower.

Farage has been at odds with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arguing that NATO’s eastward expansion contributed to the ongoing conflict. His stance was further elaborated upon during a recent appearance on the BBC’s Panorama program, prompting Zelensky’s office to label him an advocate of “Putinism.” Johnson dismissed Farage’s comments as “nauseating ahistorical drivel” and “Kremlin propaganda,” branding him “morally repugnant.”

During a Tuesday interview with British journalists, Farage directly addressed his critics, particularly Johnson, whom he accused of pushing Zelensky to reject a peace deal with Russia in 2022. He suggested that Johnson’s actions, motivated by personal gain, have resulted in significant casualties. Farage estimated that the conflict has claimed “a million battle casualties.”

Farage highlighted the substantial losses sustained by Ukraine, stating that “there may be no young men left in Ukraine” to achieve Kiev’s stated goal of defeating Russia. He emphasized the need for peace negotiations, lamenting that “no one is even talking about peace.”

“All we are talking about is ‘Ukraine is going to win’. Really? I’m pretty skeptical about that,” Farage remarked.

“I just think some attempt to broker negotiations between these two sides needs to happen,” the politician concluded, citing his previous opposition to Western military interventions in Iraq and Libya.

Farage echoed these sentiments during a campaign rally in Maidstone on Monday, suggesting that Johnson, rather than himself, is “morally repugnant.” He presented supporters with a 2016 Daily Mail article showcasing a pro-Brexit speech by Johnson, who was a prominent figure in the campaign.

In this speech, Johnson blamed the EU’s expansionist foreign policy for escalating tensions with Russia in Ukraine. He was subsequently accused of being an “apologist” for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Farage countered these accusations by pointing out Johnson’s hypocrisy in criticizing him for expressing similar views.