Democrats Push for Biden to Exit Presidential Race

The consequences of Biden’s disappointing debate performance are considered irreversible by some lawmakers, according to reports. 

An increasing number of senior Democrats, as reported by Axios, are urging Joe Biden to withdraw from the US presidential election race by Friday. Lawmakers are reportedly hoping that the entire party will “beg” the current US leader to step down.

Major Democratic donors and key supporters have expressed serious doubts about Biden’s ability to secure reelection against his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in the November vote, according to lawmakers from all factions of the party, as cited by the outlet. 

One particular lawmaker told Axios that every attendee at a monthly forum in their state, which was not named, preferred to discuss Biden’s age rather than local issues.

Dozens of House members and senators also reportedly told the outlet that it was “evident that many are close to publicly voicing their concerns or signing letters requesting Biden’s withdrawal,” emphasizing that these demands would only intensify.

“Every passing day is a catastrophe,” a prominent Democratic operative who is “constantly communicating” with elected officials told the media. They clarified that Vice President Kamala Harris would require time to build her own campaign and select a running mate if Biden agreed to withdraw and endorse her as the nominee.

Severe apprehensions among Democrats and key party donors have been escalating rapidly since Biden’s disastrous performance in the June 27 debate against Trump. 

A poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that one in three Democrats believes Biden should exit the race, while some major donors have reportedly demanded that the 81-year-old be replaced on the party’s ticket.

The White House and the Biden campaign have offered a range of explanations for the events at the debate. Biden attributed his weak performance to a busy period of international travel prior to the event, claiming he “nearly dozed off on stage.” 

However, the administration has dismissed rumors of Biden’s potential withdrawal, with spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre insisting that the president remains “clear-sighted” and that “he is remaining in the race.”