Daughter of viral single dad fondly recalls how father and brother celebrated ahead of her

MANILA, Philippines – The daughter of the viral single father revealed how excited her father was about her bar exam results, that he had already celebrated before she did. Atty. Maika Baysa recalled how proud and overjoyed her father and brother were by the news that she passed the 2022 Bar Exams.

Daughter of viral single dad fondly recalls how father and brother celebrated ahead of her
Atty. Maika Baysa’s father, Renato, and brother, Atty. Lynk Juren were so thrilled that she passed the 2022 Bar Exams. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ Maika Baysa

In a post on Twitter, Atty. Maika shared a heartfelt message and pictures of her father, Renato, and brother, Atty. Lynk Juren Baysa, celebrating as she passed the Bar as announced on April 14. According to her, her father and brother were so excited that they celebrated even before she knew the results.

She tweeted, “Aga nating gumising kaya i-share na lang natin to for now. My dad and my brother celebrating ahead of me. (Di ko kasi inalam agad yung results). Lord God, thank you po. I promise to be of service to the people. Today is my Day 1.”

Her father, Renato, has gone viral twice already. Back in 2022, he captured the hearts of many netizens when he put up a tarpaulin congratulating his son, Atty. Lynk Juren Baysa, before the 2021 Bar Examinations results came out. Netizens were impressed by his confidence that his son would pass the Bar. Recently, he went viral again as he climbed a tree to put up another tarpaulin. This time, the single father proudly shared that he now has two lawyers as Atty. Maika passed the 2022 Bar Exam.


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Atty. Maika explained, “That tarpaulin po was like a ‘sequel’ to another post po. My brother passed the bar last year and he did the same thing. Nung sinasabit niya ‘yung tarp po ng kapatid ko, I was the one who took the photo that went viral.”

In an interview on Pep, she shared that the first person she called after learning that she passed the Bar was her father. However, she couldn’t help but laugh when her father told her to call back because he was already busy putting up a congratulatory tarpaulin for her.

“When I called him, though, ang response nya sa akin was ‘tawag ka mamaya, nagsasabit ako ng tarp,'” she said.

Atty. Maika went on to explain the happiness she felt knowing how proud and confident her father was that she would make it. “Kidding aside, though, I felt so happy that I made my dad proud cause I felt na kompyansa syang papasa ako,” she added.

Her father, Renato, is a former undocumented Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who went home and became a jeepney driver. Atty. Maika is a nursing graduate who became a working student while taking up law school. She now works as a senior associate at SGV & Co., the country’s leading professional firm specializing in accounting, tax, consulting, and assurance services.

— Sally, The Summit Express