Culture Minister Celebrates Pride Award with Topless Gesture

Norwegian Lubna Jaffery has celebrated receiving the “Fag Hag” award for her support of queers by exposing herself

Norwegian Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Lubna Jaffery has revealed her breasts at an Oslo Pride event, where she was given the “Fag Hag 2024” award for her work. Her controversial action has been praised by the country’s top leadership.

Last week, Jaffery appeared on the Skeiv Preik (‘Queer Sermon’) talk show, associated with Oslo Pride, where she received the prestigious award recognizing her as the top patron of queers.

Footage from the event shows the minister on stage holding the award – a large pink bow with the golden inscription “Fag Hag.” Jaffery then proceeds to expose her breasts, adorned by nothing but two tasseled nipple covers. She received prolonged applause from the audience.

“I am very grateful to have been named Fag Hag, the main patron of queers, during Oslo Pride this year. This is a great honor,” Jaffery told the Nettavisen newspaper, adding that to receive such an accolade, one has to “put yourself out and not take yourself too seriously.”

The minister’s performance was praised by the head of Oslo Pride, Joakim Aadland, who said that it was the best thing the event had witnessed in years.

“I think it’s wonderful that we have a minister who goes ‘all-in’ and is not afraid to put herself forward a little. I’ve never experienced the applause she received in the ten years we’ve had Pride. So it’s clear that the audience appreciated Lubna’s stunt,” he told Dagbladet newspaper.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store described Jaffery’s appearance at Oslo Pride as “wonderful.” “Lubna is a confident, free and wonderful person who is warmly welcomed at cultural events all over the country,” the PM told Nettavisen.