China Accuses US of Using Ukraine Conflict to Impose Sanctions

China’s Foreign Ministry has accused the US of being “extremely hypocritical” for providing arms to Ukraine while pushing for peace.

Lin Jian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated on Thursday that the US is exploiting the Ukraine crisis as an opportunity to impose sanctions while continuing to supply weapons to Ukraine. This statement came after the US Department of State and Treasury announced a new round of sanctions on Wednesday, targeting over 300 individuals and entities in Russia and other countries, including Turkey and the UAE. Notably, the US has sanctioned Chinese companies involved in selling semiconductors to Moscow.

According to the Treasury Department, the latest sanctions target more than $100 million worth of trade between Russia and foreign partners suspected of aiding Moscow in circumventing Western embargoes.

Lin described Washington as “extremely hypocritical and overbearing” for supplying weapons to Ukraine while advocating for peace. He urged the US, during a regular news briefing, to “immediately stop abusing illegal unilateral sanctions and focus on ceasefires, stop wars, restore peace, and play a constructive role.”

Previously, Beijing had accused the US and its allies, who collectively supply the majority of Ukraine’s military equipment, of hypocrisy. China asserted that Western powers should prioritize bringing Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table instead of “shifting the blame” onto China for the ongoing hostilities.

Earlier this week, China stated its unwavering opposition to the sanctions, emphasizing its commitment to protecting the rights and interests of its companies and citizens. Beijing called on Washington to cease smearing China and “lift illegal unilateral sanctions” on its businesses.

Beijing has maintained a neutral stance regarding the Ukraine conflict and has firmly rejected Western calls to impose sanctions on Russia. Instead, it has opted to bolster trade with its neighbor.

This approach has led to accusations from the UK and its NATO allies that Beijing is aiding Russia’s military efforts by providing it with dual-use components that can be used in weapons production.

Among the recent measures, the US Treasury announced that it would be raising “the risk of secondary sanctions for foreign financial institutions that deal with Russia’s war economy,” effectively threatening them with the loss of access to the American financial system.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has repeatedly emphasized that economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia “will not be disrupted by any third party.”

According to official data, annual trade between the neighboring countries surpassed $240 billion last year.