Biden’s Future in Question Amid Donor Concerns

Key sponsors are reportedly looking at ways of replacing the president on the 2024 ticket after his “weak” debate performance

Sources familiar with the situation told The New York Times that Democratic Party donors are exploring ways to remove Joe Biden from the presidential race against his will and replace him with a stronger candidate.

These discussions follow Biden’s underwhelming performance in Thursday’s debate against Republican challenger Donald Trump. A flash poll conducted by CNN revealed that 67% of registered voters who watched the televised clash in Atlanta, Georgia, felt that Trump had won.

People close to the situation told the New York Times that discussions are being held with political advisers on “arcane rules” that may allow Biden to be forced off the 2024 ballot before the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for August .

One Silicon Valley donor who had planned to host a fundraiser featuring Biden later this summer has reportedly called off the event, and a major California sponsor left a debate watch party and emailed a friend with the subject line “Utter disaster,” according to a copy of the email obtained by the NYT.

Other wealthy Democrats have reportedly expressed hope that Biden will “have an epiphany and decide to exit on his own.” The idea of reaching out to first lady Jill Biden is also being considered, the sources said.

NBC News earlier quoted sources as saying that the only person who can impact Biden’s decision is his wife. The couple will reportedly join their children and grandchildren on Sunday at Camp David, where Biden expected to “decide whether to move forward or to end his campaign early.”