Varistor Technologies Announces New Tube Based Fire Suppression System

Bengaluru, Karnataka Apr 12, 2024  – About the Company:

is in Bengaluru, established in 2016, and has two brands and , that work for fire safety solutions and solar-based products. All the products are available in PAN India. With VariEx, our main aim is to provide customers with the cheapest fire safety products protecting from fire hazards, and with SolarClue our aim is to focus on switching to cost-efficient products and to make the environment less polluted.

Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh- Samridhi, From the Marketing Team announced that The Wait IS Over; Fire Suppression-based system manufacturers are now in Vishakhapatnam. The product uses the designed tube to detect and extinguish the fire. These tubes are installed in highly risky areas like server rooms, a room full of machinery, etc. The best advantage of using this fire suppression system is that it targets only a particular area where it is affected, which manages to reduce downtime and damages.

Tube-Based Fire Suppression System: How it works?

It is filled with fire-suppressing agents and it is made for high-risk areas like engine compartments or electrical panels. When the area is affected by fire, the tube detects the heat and ruptures at the affected point releasing the suppression agent directly onto the flames and that’s how it extinguishes the fire at its source which helps in preventing further spread and damage. It can be used in marine and industrial settings, and when it is activated, the system can be reset easily for continued protection.

A product can be used for various applications like:

Electrical and electronic cabinets

Generator Enclosures

Data Processing Cabinets

Transformer cabinets

You can explore our various product ranges related to fire safety solutions, and will get deep insights about each product and its applications more than that what are the clients we have collaborated with? Click the link below to know more

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