The Price of Business Show Continues Expanding its Programming

The award winning and nationally syndicated Price of Business continues to expand with new programs and features. Houston, Texas Apr 29, 2024 – The nationally syndicated Price of Business show, which started in 2001 is on stations coast to coast. It is hosted by multi-award winning broadcast journalist, syndicated columnist, and multi-award winning author, Kevin Price. The Host of the Price of Business — Kevin Price — is Known for Getting the Big Interviews. New York Times Bestselling Authors, Multi-Billionaires, National Media Personalities,
In addition to being on broadcast markets coast to coast, the program is on virtually every podcast platform. These include iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Audible,
The Price of Business show has frequent one time guests that are among the biggest names in business, culture, news and more. In addition, the Price of Business works with leading business owners and entrepreneurs to create a series within the show. These recurring guests cover a plethora of issues. These include business, finance, healthy living, lifestyle design, Artificial Intelligence, and more.
Altogether, the Price of Business has over two dozen unique segments. One of the best ways that the show has used to find these talented authors, speakers, media personalities, and more is through a series the Price of Business calls “Thought Leaders.” People in numerous fields provide powerful and thoughtful commentaries about their areas of expertise. There is no cost for participation. It only takes a few minutes to participate. Learn more about this unique series by contacting
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