The Barrett Group sees 15% rise in client placements compared to previous year

New York City, New York May 8, 2024  – The Barrett Group, a premier leader in career management services, has announced that client landings increased 15% compared to the same period in 2023, representing a significant rise. The growth follows a February report where client landings in the first six weeks of 2024 soared 19% above the prior year. These landing results continue the post-pandemic “tsunami” of landings that the company saw in 2022.
The Barrett Group also reported that the number of interviews clients obtained with prospective employers in the first quarter were up 30% against the prior year. Interviews are an indicator for future landings. These remarkable results underscore The Barrett Group’s continued success in providing unparalleled career consulting services and effective job landing strategies in a dynamic employment landscape.
“We are very pleased to see our clients’ hard work rewarded,” said Marion Engelke, CEO of The Barrett Group. “But the really exciting fact is the quality of the positions they are landing. More than a dozen signed on to C-level roles–an unprecedented achievement!”
The Barrett Group reports that 28% of the clients who landed in Q1 assumed C-level titles, while 21% took on roles such as VP, MD, or Head. The list of employers hiring The Barrett Group’s clients includes many well-known firms, including Accenture, ADP, MGM, Viacom, and Blue Origin.
“We have rarely seen so many CEOs land in such a short space of time, too, and in all manner of industries,” said Peter Irish, Chairman of The Barrett Group. “Health Care was particularly hot in the first quarter. But Retail also shows a lot of life, as do Restaurants, Manufacturing, Information Technology, and many other segments. Thanks to our holistic process, our clients realize that they are not stuck in one industry or role. They can repackage their experience to break free or break into new realms of experience once they shed the blinders that constrain most executive recruiters and many hiring managers.”
The Barrett Group provides highly experienced consultants who deliver individualized career management services to clients when they want to change industries, roles, or locations – or when they are forced to make a career change due to unexpected interruptions in their careers. What sets The Barrett Group apart from traditional recruiting firms is that it works directly for the executive candidate rather than employers, and it goes beyond simply helping clients get a job. It provides a 360-degree assessment of clients’ needs to help them define their career goals, then assists them in finding a perfect-fit position at the highest compensation. The Barrett Group has a 90% success rate with clients who follow the company’s process.