Rich Santos, Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer, Seeks Sanford City Commission District 4 Seat

Rich Santos for Sanford City Commission District 4

Decorated Naval Officer, Combat Veteran, and Deputy Sheriff the clear choice for Sanford

Sanford, Florida Jul 2, 2024  – Rich Santos: Decorated Naval Officer and Deputy Sheriff Announces Candidacy for Sanford City Commission
District 4

Rich Santos, a retired Naval Officer and Deputy Sheriff, is a candidate for the Sanford City Commission District 4 seat. With a distinguished career in both the military and law enforcement, Santos brings extensive experience and a commitment to public service, making him a strong candidate for Sanford families and residents concerned about safety and the future of their community.

A Proven Leader with a Track Record of Service

Rich Santos has dedicated his life to serving his country and community. As a retired Naval Officer, former soldier and combat veteran, he specialized in intelligence analysis, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism, earning numerous commendation medals along the way. In addition to his military career, Rich served as a Deputy Sheriff, ensuring public safety and security, and became a subject matter expert in complex investigations and labor relations.

Santos’ commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by his success as a high school football coach, where he helped lead his team to four state championships. He also runs a successful business and holds an Economics Degree and an MBA, which give him the insight, knowledge and experience to tackle tough economic issues.

A Vision for a Safer, Stronger Sanford

Rich Santos is running for City Commission because he believes that Sanford deserves a leader who understands the complexities of public safety and neighborhood development. “I believe the citizens of Sanford should be free of crime and the threat of crime,” says Rich. “Properly funding our emergency services is not just a priority; it’s a necessity.” His extensive background in public safety makes him uniquely qualified to address these critical issues.

Moreover, Rich is deeply committed to improving neighborhood infrastructure. “The citizens of Sanford deserve to have clean drinking water and their natural resources protected,” Rich asserts. He aims to address the aging infrastructure in residential areas, ensuring that every family has access to essential services and a safe environment.

A True Servant Leader

Rich Santos offers a common sense approach to governance. Unlike his opponents, who claim to make public safety a priority, Rich Santos has dedicated his life to keeping us safe since the age of 19. His extensive experience in public safety and intelligence, counterintelligence and counterterrorism, combined with his volunteer work, business experience and commitment to community service makes him a strong candidate, a well-rounded candidate who can address the diverse needs of Sanford residents.

A Choice for the Future

The stakes in this election are high. Sanford needs a leader who can navigate the complexities of public safety, infrastructure, and community development. Rich Santos is that leader. His proven track record, dedication to service, and comprehensive vision for the future make him the best choice for City Commission District 4.

“I am committed to making Sanford a safer, stronger community for all its residents,” says Rich. “Together, we can build a future where every family feels secure and every neighborhood thrives, and what better day to kick off the campaign than Independence Day, a day when we remember the sacrifices that make this country and community special.” 

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Vote for Rich Santos on Election Day and ensure a brighter, safer future for Sanford.
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