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Bogota, Colombia Jun 26, 2024  – Peplo Escobar, leader of the Based Cartel and the Peplo Token, is partnering with to redefine travel and on-chain experiences.


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$PEPLO token, the leader of the BASED Cartel for On-Chain Summer on the Base blockchain and the Based Cartel spaces, is excited to announce its partnership with, a leading travel platform with partnerships with and TripAdvisor. This collaboration represents a major milestone for both Peplo and Jetvoy, as they join forces to revolutionize the travel and kilomeme distribution experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Peplo’s journey to becoming a leading meme pioneer on the Base chain began with an innovative approach that involved interactive content spaces and cross-project collaboration in June 2024. This signifies a commitment to exceptional content creation with an engaging, community-centric mindset, capable of overcoming recent market fluctuations and enduring the test of time. Now, with the partnership with, Peplo is extending his vision beyond the crypto space, bringing the benefits of a strong, recognizable brand in cryptocurrency to the world of travel. Why shouldn’t you be able to visit the Hippos with your $PEPLO if you remained loyal and supported him?

Through this collaboration, Peplo holders will have access to exclusive travel deals and discounts through Jetvoy’s partnerships with leading travel providers like and TripAdvisor. Additionally, Peplo’s integration with Jetvoy’s platform will allow for seamless transactions, enabling users to book flights, accommodations, and experiences using their Peplo tokens.

“We are excited to partner with to provide our community with a unique and seamless travel experience,” said Don Peplo Escobar, Jefe of the BASED Cartel. “I believe in the power of collaboration across industries and cultures to achieve anything we set our memes to. Those who stick with the BASED Cartel will always be protected and never have to seek innovation because we will dominate the airwaves and bring it to the forefront here and now. With Jetvoy’s expertise in the travel industry and my personal vision for utter meme domination, I can say but one thing: are you ready for a Peplo BASED Cartel Summer Carbones?!” shares Peplo’s commitment to innovation and accessibility, making them the perfect partner to enhance the travel experience for Peplo’s holders. By leveraging Jetvoy’s extensive network and industry expertise, Peplo aims to empower his sicarios to explore the world while seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency into their travel plans.

“We are excited to partner with Peplo and his BASED Cartelo to offer our users new ways to access exclusive travel deals and discounts,” said Elena Vargas, President of “By combining Jetvoy’s extensive network and partnerships with Peplo’s innovative approach to networking and kilomeme distribution, we aim to revolutionize the way people travel and transact in the digital age.”

The partnership between Peplo and Jetvoy represents a significant step forward in bridging the gap between travel and cryptocurrency, offering users a seamless and rewarding experience. As both companies continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible, users can expect even more exciting developments in the future.

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