pdfRest Debuts Self-Hosted API for Enhanced PDF-to-Office Conversions

Chicago, Illinois May 30, 2024  – pdfRest, a leading provider of document processing solutions, today announced the launch of its. This innovative offering provides developers with the tools they need to seamlessly convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, while maintaining complete control over the process.

Unparalleled Control and Security

The pdfRest Self-Hosted API takes a unique approach by offering a self-hosted solution. This empowers developers to manage and customize their backend infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with their specific workflow requirements, security policies, and compliance needs. Key benefits include:

  • Dedicated Processing Environment: Deploy the API on dedicated EC2 instances within the AWS cloud, providing full control over security, performance, and region of deployment.

  • Scalability for Flexibility: Effortlessly adapt to fluctuating processing demands by scaling EC2 instances up or down as needed. Eliminate concerns about resource limitations hindering workflows.

  • Customizable Configurations: Fine-tune the API’s behavior for optimal performance. This includes setting retention policies, defining access controls, and tailoring processing parameters to unique requirements.

Uncompromising Conversion Quality

Beyond deployment advantages, the PDF to Office Pro Self-Hosted API delivers exceptional conversion accuracy. The included suite of ensures quality results:

  • PDF to Word: This API tool transforms PDFs into editable Word documents, enabling users to seamlessly edit and format content.

  • PDF to Excel: This API tool converts PDFs into Excel spreadsheets, empowering users to organize and analyze data with ease.

  • PDF to PowerPoint: This API tool converts PDFs into captivating PowerPoint presentations, fostering clear and engaging communication.

Simplified Integration and Free Trial Access

pdfRest PDF to Office Pro Self-Hosted API is now available in the AWS Marketplace. This solution offers simplified deployment via CloudFormation Templates, making integration into existing applications a breeze. Additionally, a allows developers to experience the power of self-hosted PDF conversion firsthand.

About pdfRest

pdfRest is committed to providing developers with the tools they need to streamline document processing workflows. The company offers a toolkit of powerful APIs designed to simplify tasks such as PDF conversion, optimization, modification, and protection. pdfRest solutions are trusted by organizations worldwide for their exceptional quality, security, and ease of use.