New book by Dr. Tarun Pal and Prof. Buhari Isah on education now available digitally and through multiple retailers

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest book, “Education for Tomorrow’s World: Fostering Unity and Cooperation Across Borders,” authored by the esteemed Dr. Tarun Pal and Prof. Buhari Isah. This groundbreaking work explores the critical role of education in promoting global unity and fostering cross-cultural cooperation in today’s interconnected world.

“Education for Tomorrow’s World” delves into the transformative power of education in bridging cultural divides and addressing global challenges. The authors, both renowned educators and thought leaders, provide insightful analysis and practical strategies for educators, policymakers, and students to embrace educational innovations and enhance cross-cultural collaboration.

The book is now available on several prestigious platforms:

Lulu: Located in Morrisville, North Carolina, Lulu is known for its diverse range of publications. You can explore and purchase “Education for Tomorrow’s World” through the following link:

Amazon Kindle: For those who prefer digital reading, the book is also available on Amazon Kindle. Purchase your copy here:

We invite educators, students, and readers from around the world to join the conversation and share their thoughts on this pivotal topic. Use the following hashtags to connect with us and others interested in the future of education:


Dr. Tarun Pal is a distinguished educator and author, known for his contributions to the field of global education. He has been recognized with numerous awards and honors for his innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
Prof. Buhari Isah is a highly respected academic and author, with a rich background in educational research and cross-cultural studies. His work has significantly impacted the way we understand and implement educational practices in diverse cultural settings.
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