Midcomp Offers Innovative Rental and Managed Print Solutions to Help Businesses Thrive

Cape Town, Western Cape Jul 5, 2024 ¬†–¬†Midcomp (Pty) Ltd., a leading provider of large format printing and finishing equipment, is excited to announce its latest offerings designed to help businesses leverage cutting-edge technology and receive exceptional support. With extensive industry experience, Midcomp continues to set the standard through its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

More than just a supplier, Midcomp embodies a philosophy of fostering customer success through collaboration, trust, and development. This commitment is evident in their comprehensive service offerings, including groundbreaking Pay Per Use programs and a range of products from subsidiaries like Midcomp Azero and Consumables, ensuring tailored solutions for all market segments.

Customized Rental & MPS Solutions

Midcomp introduces flexible plotter rental options aimed at boosting productivity while effectively controlling costs. Whether you need a single plotter or an entire fleet, Midcomp offers terms starting from a minimum of three months. Notably, 40% of their customer base has continued using their rental services into their third to fifth year, highlighting customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of their solutions.

The Midcomp Azero MPS solution complements plotter rentals by seamlessly managing A1-A0+ size printers and scanners across multiple locations. This service includes dedicated technical support to ensure optimal daily operational efficiency.

Benefits of Managed Print Solutions (MPS)

Midcomp’s Managed Print Solutions (MPS) further streamline operations by eliminating downtime and ensuring continuous productivity. By integrating MPS with plotter rentals, businesses gain access to essential services such as preventative maintenance, ink supplies, and ongoing user training. This comprehensive approach not only minimizes operational disruptions but also maximizes the lifespan of equipment, thereby safeguarding your investment.

Future-Proof Your Business

In today’s dynamic environment, businesses must adapt quickly to evolving technologies and market demands. Midcomp is ready to support this evolution with custom-tailored solutions designed for each client’s unique print environment. By partnering with Midcomp, businesses not only gain access to cutting-edge equipment but also benefit from a proactive support framework designed to anticipate and address their specific needs.

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About Midcomp (Pty) Ltd

Midcomp (Pty) Ltd. has established itself as a leader in the large format printing industry. With a commitment to integrity, innovation, and customer-focused solutions, Midcomp continues to drive growth and excellence in printing technologies. Through its subsidiaries and extensive service offerings, Midcomp remains dedicated to supporting businesses across diverse sectors with tailored solutions that deliver results.

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