London Yacht Hire Offers the Best Luxury Sightseeing Tours Along the River Thames

London, United Kingdom May 6, 2024 – London Yacht Hire is a pioneering yacht and private cruise rental company based in London. The strong reputation and quality service of the company since its inception have earned it clients around the world who trust and are ready to recommend the business to their friends, family and others searching for a seamless sailing experience on the Thames or.
As per data, London experiences the highest record of tourists and visitors in Summer from all across the globe and a staggering portion seeks sightseeing tours on water. Other businesses also see an evident rise in demand all around the country, especially in London. As summer draws near, the rise in booking for yacht charters for sightseeing trips along London’s famous River Thames can be easily seen; the hustle and bustle brings equal opportunities for other businesses as well.
With travellers and locals alike seeking unique and memorable experiences, London Yacht Hire reports a significant increase in bookings for sightseeing tours aboard their luxurious private yachts. With options ranging from private sunset cruises to customised sightseeing tours with guides, chartering a yacht has emerged as the best way to experience London’s majesty and beauty from the sea.
London provides a plethora of views and activities that are best seen from the deck of a private yacht. These include its stunning skyline, iconic buildings, and energetic waterfront. The waterline is simple to navigate and the most watched vantage spots in this tour are:

Houses of Parliament
London’s Eye
Tate Modern
Tower of London
Canary Wharf

Hiring a yacht charter offers unmatched vistas and luxurious once-in-a-lifetime experiences that engage the senses, whether you’re floating past quaint riverbank villages and lush parks such as Royal Botanic Gardens, Battersea Park or Greenwich Park or enjoying historical sites like Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard, and more.
Sailing yacht charters have become a popular option for summertime viewing trips as visitors look for new ways to take in the city’s breathtaking scenery and rich cultural legacy.
Booking yacht charters for sightseeing trips in London not only provides breathtaking views and life-changing experiences but also provides opulent, tailored services that surpass the expectations of even the most selective tourists.
Experienced crew members committed to making sure every guest has a flawless and unforgettable voyage on the Thames River. London Yacht Hire also offers a 3-star Michelin chef on board so that the guests can taste the scrumptious dishes at any time they wish. The company also provides private guides as per consultation and the packages can be customised according to the guests’ demands. Buffet meals and alcoholic beverages apart from other drinks are included in standard dining packages to satisfy all kinds of people, though any moment requests for additional customisations are always encouraged by the company.
Every element of the sightseeing tour, from fine dining and skilfully prepared beverages to attentive concierge service and insightful commentary from experienced guides, is thoughtfully chosen to provide visitors with an amazing experience.
In the heart of London, is a leading supplier of luxury yacht charters. London Yacht Hire specialises in designing unique experiences for sightseeing excursions, business gatherings, River Thames sightseeing cruises, weddings, and special occasions. The company has a fleet of neatly kept yachts and cruises and a team of knowledgeable personnel. The company pledges to provide the ideal setting for amazing experiences on the water, whether you’re touring the famous sites along the River Thames or sailing to remote locations along the coast.Media ContactLondon Yacht Hire+44 20 8554 9292Imperial Wharf Marina, The Blvd, Fulham, London SW6 2ZT Source :London Yacht Hire