Life coach Eric North shares tips for making every day great through happiness and purpose

New York City, New York Apr 12, 2024  – Author and Life Coach Eric North is famously recognized for his extensive knowledge in gaining true contentment in one’s life. He not only believes in his own joy but also fights for the happiness of others, which is why Eric is most commonly known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’. This time, the warrior has discovered the most effective tools, practices, and beliefs that can turn each day into an exceptional one. According to his belief, every individual has an innate sense of balance and rhythm that can guide them to finding the happiness they crave. Humans possess the ability to create their own destiny and achieve their dreams and aspirations; they have the power to choose a positive mindset to attain momentum and resilience. Instead of dwelling on life’s challenges, Eric encourages everyone to focus on improving each day to make it more enjoyable and fulfilling. It all begins with finding inner peace, which enables one to navigate the complexities of the world around us. 

According to Eric, every day can become exceptional when we approach it with happiness and purposeful actions and intentions. It requires a comprehensive feeling of fulfillment and well-being, which can be attained through consistent effort. One must develop a mindset that promotes authenticity, confidence, and the ability to overcome challenges effectively. It is crucial to understand our capabilities and promises, aligning them with our core values and intentions. This alignment empowers us to shape our reality and manifest our desires, ultimately leading to a fulfilling life. Eric emphasizes that worthwhile endeavors in life often require hard work and dedication; therefore, rushing the process can be counterproductive. Instead, we should persevere without fixating on immediate results. 

Happiness is not something that can be conjured instantaneously; rather, it is cultivated through carefully articulated intentions and goals. Eric believes that when we make a conscious effort to increase our happiness, it influences our life choices, making them more fulfilling and opening up new opportunities. While happiness is often perceived as a mere choice rather than a way of life, it is a deliberate pursuit aligned with our core values. Eric asserts that everyone has the power to choose happiness, but they must also consider the journey and the necessary steps to fully realize it. With conscious actions and inner reflection, each individual can discover their unique path to happiness. Our ideals are reflected in our daily actions and words; by embracing happiness, we can transform them, leading to greater contentment and satisfaction. 

Eric firmly believes that a happier life is a more manageable one, which invariably begins with self-love and forgiveness. We must grant ourselves permission to break down self-imposed barriers and negative emotions. Empowerment stems not only from learning but also from unlearning. To become the best version of ourselves, we must embrace our authentic selves. Happiness can have a positive ripple effect on others. The Happiness Warrior maintains that happy individuals serve as exceptional role models and mentors. As a renowned mentor and life coach, Eric has developed a range of effective tools and practices to assist individuals in finding happiness and living each day with passion and energy. 

The initial and most fundamental practice is mindful breathing. Taking one deep breath can help us respond more effectively and reduce regrets. We can find inner tranquility by consciously taking deep breaths and counting them. A simple sigh can significantly alleviate emotional burdens. Secondly, Eric recommends an exercise for those experiencing emotional distress or social isolation: close your eyes and reflect on three things that bring you joy. The challenge lies in not smiling while uttering these words aloud. Thirdly, everyone should take a moment to acknowledge all that they are grateful for. Gratitude helps to curb ego and instills humility. The fourth and most effortless step is to smile, even at the smallest things, as even a forced smile can elevate endorphin levels. Smiling uplifts our mood and boosts our confidence. The fifth step involves allowing our emotions and other feelings to surface without judgment. 

The sixth step is to improve our posture and self-esteem, as our physical appearance reflects our inner state. The seventh step is to find happiness in life’s minor accomplishments. The eighth practice emphasizes the importance of self-love, which is essential for thriving in today’s world. The ninth practice encourages spending time in nature, allowing the fresh air and surroundings to cleanse our thoughts. Finally, starting each day with a positive affirmation helps us remain focused and confident throughout the day. Embark on your journey to happiness and make every day exceptional with Life Coach and Author Eric North, aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’. Contact him at and embark on the journey.Media ContactTom Estey Publicity & Promotion518 248 6174 Source