LāErtes Muldrow to showcase anthology of horror and thriller novellas at 2024 Los Angeles Festival of Books

Los Angeles, California Apr 15, 2024  –  Strange things happening in strange places are new to people’s ears. There are different stories you will know, and unexpected events could happen at any moment. People’s lives have different types of attitudes like some acts quiet, shy, loud, angry, mysterious, and nervous. It could never stop you from lending your time in wanting to know what will happen next: will the results be positive or negative However, in all the events that would happen, what they are waiting for is the ending part, would the story twist? Would the people change or move forward or be stuck in the moment they have encountered?
Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas is a thriller-suspense novel that has four anthology stories. The four stories are titled Complex, Thermal, Harvester, and Need. There are mysterious stories in each of the anthologies presented in this literary book. A horror-thriller genre that would bring readers to sit tight in their places. It is suspenseful and caters to jump-packed reactions and realization after reading.
For this year, the 2024 Los Angeles Festival of Books, in coordination with Authors Press, LErtes Muldrow will participate in this event and share his book, Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas, with the audience this coming April 20 to 21, 2024 at the University of Southern California.
“The “Creator” has the greatest sense of humor of all. When you pass through a light-textured cloud, the type you can almost see through, all is safe, smooth, and rather fun.”–snippet, Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas, LErtes Muldrow.
“Characters in this book connected well with the ones from his other “Thrilla” novels. Can’t wait for the next thrilla.”– a book reviewed by T. Mccray, Amazon.
Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas is a compilation of short stories that give readers jump-packed emotions. A collection of stories that would not let you down as the characters give you goosebumps on the actions they have done and why they would do that to the other characters of the stories.
LErtes Muldrow is a San Francisco Bay Area producer, who wants to showcase his literary skills in creative, down-to-earth street smarts, frankness, humor, history, and a unique approach to his literary works.
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