Kimberley Rimsza Speaks on Women’s Leadership Panel at Phoenix Art Museum Event

The Phoenix Art Museum recently hosted the Women Powered: The Choice That Defines Leaders on Thursday, April 4th, providing exceptional opportunities for women leaders to connect and learn from one another. As part of the leadership panel, women leaders from across the Phoenix, Arizona, area spoke about their own experiences as leaders in their careers, what choices helped them achieve success, and more. The panel spoke to a sold-out crowd consisting primarily of women who were interested in hearing about the panelist experiences, how they navigated challenges, and how to apply the lessons learned as they continue on their business paths.
Accomplished Business Professional Kimberley Rimsza had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Panel, where she discussed her own experiences in her leadership and business journey. She shared her experiences being a female leader including challenges and successes along the way.
“This event at the Phoenix Art Museum, surrounded by esteemed leaders and visionaries from across Arizona, was not just an opportunity to discuss women’s leadership and the pivotal choices that define us; it was a profound gathering that illuminated the path for women and the future generations.”
She was joined by her daughter, Nicole C. Rimsza, her stepdaughter, Jenny Rimsza Clark, and her daughter-in-law, Nicole R. Rimsza.
“Sharing this experience with my daughter, stepdaughter, and daughter-in-law was incredibly special, each being successful in their own right. It was a vivid reminder that our journeys, challenges, and successes as women leaders are not just our own–they are beacons for those who follow. Together, we navigated discussions that bridged the past and present and looked to the future, underscoring the indelible impact of women in leadership roles. It was so refreshing to share some of my journey and hear about others’ path to success.”
Prior to the start of the Leadership Panel, participants and attendees had the chance to do a “speed-dating” style networking event, where women in business could network with one another and gain insights into their top resources for books, podcasts, training, seminars, workshops, and more.
Other panelists who spoke at Women Power: The Choice That Defines Leaders included Vanessa Ruiz, Dr. Damita Kaloostian, Jordan Rose, Beth McMullen, Bettina Nava, Sheryl Palmer, and Olga Viso.Media ContactKimberley Rimsza Source :Kimberley Rimsza