ITILITE launches Cashback Cards earning 1.5% on every purchase

Corporates can now optimize cost by earning 1.5% cashback on every purchase with ITILITE cards. Companies using ITILITE cards can earn a flat 1.5% cashback on their spending.
The cashback is credited to the company account, ensuring more savings and less leakage. With the free issuance of unlimited cards (physical or virtual), companies can further streamline their travel expenses. Seamless integration between travel, expense and cards allows easy reconciliation of card statements thus helping finance close their books faster than ever before.
Unmatched convenience and spending controls now come with this amazing cashback program for business travel. This is an exciting addition over the many unique ways in which ITILITE offers to reduce its customers’ travel costs. Employee incentive-led savings, automatic reshopping on price drop, full tracking of unused credits, and fully managed contract negotiation service are some of the multiple ways companies already save with ITILITE.
On top of everything else, ITILITE will now also offer another 1% cashback on spending $100K per month on travel. This will allow companies, with ITILITE Cards and $100k+ travel spend per month, to earn up to 2.5% cashback, making it the industry-leading cashback program.