Indian Astronaut Gopi Thotakura Joins Origin’s Private Space Mission

Gopi Thotakura, an adventurer, entrepreneur, and pilot, has become the first Indian to travel to space since Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma in 1984.

Bengaluru, Karnataka May 20, 2024  – Indian pilot and entrepreneur Gopi Thotakura has made history by participating in Blue Origin’s private astronaut launch NS-25 mission. The launch took place in Texas and Gopi was the first Indian to be in space after Indian Army’s Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma did it back in 1984. The launch took place on Sunday and Gopi Thotakura became the first ever Indian to take part space adventure as a tourist. This was possible due to Amazon owner Jeff Bezoz’s special N-25 mission of Blue Origin. He was one of the six members who were selected for the trip. 

This marks the seventh human flight by Blue Origin which is a part of the New Shepard programme. It also marks the 25th of the project’s action. The rocket took off from the Launch Site One in West Texas on Sunday. It was scheduled in the morning and Blue Origin soon shared a post on social media. Till now, the New Shepard programme has flown 31 humans into space and offered them the adventure of going beyond the Karman Line. The Karman Line is the proposed line or boundary which is considered as the conventional border between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Blue Origins has come up with a fully reusable sub-orbital launch vehicle known as the New Shepherd which is being used for space tourism. Blue Origin described Gopi as a pilot and aviator who learned how to fly before he could drive, which is true as this pilot can fly almost anything starting from commercial jets to aerobatics, seaplanes, bush, gliders, hot air balloons, and the list goes on. 

Gopi Thotakura is also the co-founder of Preserve Life Corp which is a global center for for holistic wellness and applied health. This foundation is located near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Being a lifelong traveler, he is also known for reaching new heights. Recently, he reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Studying at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Gopi Thotakura is a man from Andhra Pradesh who is making wonders that are taking him out of the world. 

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