How to Log in to Your LaSRS Retirement Account Dashboard

LaSRS is a retirement system for San Francisco employees. It allows you to manage your account online and access resources conveniently. Clay, New York Apr 25, 2024 – (Louisiana State Retirement System) offers a secure online portal for participants to manage their retirement accounts from anywhere. This blog post guides LaSRS members through the login process to access valuable retirement information.

Before logging in, have the following ready:

Username: Typically your LaSRS participant ID.
Password: Created during initial account setup.
Internet connection: Stable connection required to access the LaSRS portal.

Step-by-Step Login Guide:

Head to the official LaSRS login page at. Enter your Username and Password where indicated. Usernames are case-sensitive, so enter it exactly as in your records.

May use two-factor authentication for extra security. You’ll receive a verification code by text or call if enabled. Enter the code to continue. This protects your account if someone gets your password.

Once credentials and codes entered, click “Sign In” to access your LaSRS account.

Forgot Password?:

On the page, click “Forgot Password?” to reset it. Provide Username or Email linked to your LaSRS account. Email must match what was used for initial setup.

Instructions emailed allow creating a new, secure password.

Beyond Login: Managing Retirement

View account statements to track retirement savings, contributions, investment performance, and balance.

Gain insights into contribution history for planning future contributions or analyzing strategy.

Make informed decisions about retirement future depending on plan – adjust contributions, update beneficiary, explore investment options.

Following simple steps ensures smooth login to manage retirement savings through valuable LaSRS portal. Contact customer service for assistance with logins or inquiries about your retirement plan.