Homeland security expert Dr. Peter W. Sherrill announces run for Congress while pledging to boost border security

Mount Vernon, New York Apr 17, 2024 – Dr. Peter W. Sherrill, renowned for his extensive expertise in Homeland Security & Emergency Services, including Incident Command Systems (ICS) and COBRA training, is officially announcing the launch of his exploratory campaign for US Congress in the 16th Congressional District.

A former lifelong Democrat, Dr. Sherrill decided to depart from the Party in 2011 due to personal and professional convictions. Despite being officially retired, his unwavering dedication to public service and a fervent desire to enact positive change have driven him to take action. Dr. Sherrill is deeply troubled by the nation’s handling of the Covid pandemic, which resulted in the tragic loss of over a million American lives, as well as the ongoing crisis at our nation’s borders. He declares, “Enough is enough!”

Dr. Sherrill brings to Congress a wealth of expertise in Homeland Security, having trained extensively with First Responders across the nation. Additionally, he holds a Master’s in Public Administration and a double major in Economics and Management. Recognized for his contributions, Dr. Sherrill has also been bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities for his work with the International Institute for African Scholars (IIAS).

Dr. Sherrill’s candidacy serves as a beacon of hope, not only for his constituents but for all Americans who yearn for effective representation. His profound wisdom, exemplary leadership, and proactive approach to governance will instill pride in our nation once again.

About Dr. Peter W. Sherrill:

Dr. Peter W. Sherrill is a Certified Trainer in Weapons of Mass Destruction from the Energetic Materials Research Training Center, Socorro, New Mexico, with extensive training in Incident Command Systems (ICS) and COBRA training at Fort McClellan, Anniston Alabama.

Before becoming an expert in Homeland Security and bestowed an Honorary Doctorate for his work with the International Institute, Dr. Sherrill spent 25 years in Corporate America.

Formerly a lifelong Democrat, Dr. Sherrill’s extremely controversial decision in 2011 to join the Republican Party, has ostracized him from the African American community. His literary works, “EXODUS: Why I Became A Republican,” followed by “The Life of A Black Republican in Trump’s America,” extensively highlights the challenges Dr. Sherrill’s candidacy for US Congress faces in securing our nation’s borders as a Republican in a Democrat-dominated district

However, Dr. Sherrill understands how paramount it is to secure our nation’s borders now, before it’s really and truly too late. Dr. Sherrill’s motto is, “See Something – Do Something!” Elect a Homeland Security Expert and let’s “Unite and Secure America!”

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