Groundbreaking Road Safety Technology from Bharat Safe Looks to Save Lives During Accidents

Pioneering Road Safety Technology to Save Lives in AccidentsNew Delhi, Delhi Apr 23, 2024  – The Bharat Safe QR Code introduces a groundbreaking road safety solution designed to save lives in road accidents. This innovative technology enables anyone at the scene of an accident to quickly inform authorities and emergency services simply by scanning a QR code.

Immediate Notification: When the QR code is scanned, an automated message is sent to local authorities and emergency services, alerting them to the location of the accident.

Accident Details: The QR code can contain specific information about the vehicle, driver, and passengers, helping responders understand the situation and prepare accordingly.

Contact Emergency Services: In addition to notifying authorities, the code can also provide direct contact information for emergency services such as hospitals and law enforcement.

Easy to Use: Anyone can scan the QR code using a smartphone, making it a simple and accessible way to report accidents quickly and efficiently.

“Bharat Safe QR Code is transforming the way we respond to road accidents,” says Mr. Singh, innovator at Bharat Safe. “By allowing anyone to report an accident within seconds, we can ensure a faster and more effective emergency response, ultimately saving more lives.”
The QR codes are designed for ease of use and can be placed on vehicles, helmets, or other personal items for quick access. Bharat Safe QR Code is committed to improving road safety and providing peace of mind to drivers and passengers.
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