FiAR: Bringing Augmented Reality to Fire Extinguisher Training

Immersive, Portable, and Realistic Fire Safety Education for Every Training ScenarioLake in the Hills, Illinois Apr 21, 2024 ¬†–¬†Introducing FiAR, a groundbreaking collaboration between JHB Group and public safety professionals to revolutionize fire extinguisher training. FiAR is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) fire extinguisher training tool, developed with unmatched innovation and real learner engagement in mind.
Train in real environments with FiAR’s immersive features, including 8 different types of fire extinguishers and 4 different types of fire. With FiAR, learners can experience real reactivity – choose the extinguisher, and the fire behaves accordingly, providing an unparalleled training experience.
Despite its advanced capabilities, FiAR remains light-weight and portable, thanks to the collaborative efforts of JHB Group and fire safety experts. No fees, subscriptions, or hassles – FiAR offers real learner engagement without constraints, making it accessible to all fire departments and training facilities.
FiAR has been developed with input from industry experts, including fire chiefs, firefighters, and fire safety representatives, ensuring it meets the highest standards of effectiveness and safety. It’s a one-of-a-kind educational tool designed to enhance public safety and make a real difference in fire extinguisher training.
Setting up FiAR is quick and easy, thanks to the efforts of JHB Group in streamlining the process. Its mobility allows instructors to conduct training sessions in any space, making every room a potential training room. Plus, FiAR’s minimal moving parts and user-friendly interface ensure a seamless training experience for all.
FiAR is fully customizable, allowing users to adjust parameters such as temperature, flash point, and fire safe distance. With FiAR, fire departments can conduct community training initiatives with confidence, knowing they are providing the most realistic and effective training possible.
Step into the future of fire safety training with FiAR, a collaboration between and public safety professionals, and experience a new level of realism, engagement, and effectiveness in fire extinguisher training.Media ContactJHB Group8545 PYOTT RD Source :JHB Group