Eyewoot Opens New Stores in Ankleshwar and Bharuch

Eyewoot Shravan Chokdi Bharuch

Eyewoot is expanding its reach with new stores in Ankleshwar GIDC and Shalimar Station Road, Bharuch. The company is known for offering stylish and affordable eyewear and continues to provide high-quality products and exceptional service to a wider audience.

Bharuch, Gujarat Jun 26, 2024  – Eyewoot Expands Presence with New Stores in Ankleshwar and Shalimar Station Road, Bharuch

Eyewoot, a leading eyewear brand known for its stylish and premium eyewear offerings, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its retail presence with the opening of new stores in Ankleshwar GIDC and Shalimar Station Road, Bharuch. This expansion highlights Eyewoot’s commitment to providing high-quality, affordable eyewear to a broader customer base.

From Local Roots to Regional Expansion

Established in the historic town of Bharuch, Eyewoot has quickly grown to become a trusted name in the eyewear industry. With its first stores located at Sharvan Chokdi and Zadeshwar Road, Eyewoot has become a favorite among locals for its exceptional customer service and diverse range of fashionable glasses and sunglasses.

Bharuch, often called the “Gateway to Gujarat,” has a rich heritage and a vibrant community, making it the perfect place for Eyewoot to begin. Building on this strong foundation, Eyewoot is now expanding to Ankleshwar, a key industrial hub, and Shalimar Station Road, a bustling commercial area, to meet the increasing demand for quality eyewear.

Quality and Affordability for All

Eyewoot believes that everyone deserves access to premium eyewear without breaking the bank. The brand offers an extensive collection of eyewear that combines superior craftsmanship with the latest fashion trends. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, Eyewoot ensures that every customer finds the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses to suit their style.

“We are excited to bring Eyewoot’s unique blend of quality, style, and affordability to more locations,” said Talha Junani, Proprietor of Social Power and owner of Eyewoot. “Our expansion into Ankleshwar GIDC and Shalimar Station Road is a testament to our dedication to serving our customers with the best eyewear and customer service.”

Exceptional Customer Experience

At Eyewoot, customer satisfaction is paramount. The newly opened stores in Ankleshwar and Shalimar Station Road will continue to uphold the brand’s high standards of personalized service. Knowledgeable staff will be available to assist customers with selecting frames, understanding lens options, and providing eye care advice.

Looking Ahead

Eyewoot’s vision is to become a leading eyewear brand not just in Bharuch, but across the region. With this expansion, Eyewoot is poised to reach new heights, offering more people the opportunity to experience its high-quality eyewear and exceptional service.

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Talha Junani
Proprietor, Social Power
Owner of Eyewoot

About Eyewoot

Eyewoot is a premium eyewear brand that offers a wide range of stylish glasses and sunglasses at budget-friendly prices. Founded in Bharuch, Gujarat, Eyewoot is dedicated to providing high-quality eyewear and exceptional customer service. With locations at Sharvan Chokdi, Zadeshwar Road, Ankleshwar GIDC, and Shalimar Station

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