Express Casket Answers Calls from Consumers Hurt by Funeral Home Misconduct

Los Angeles, California Apr 14, 2024  – Two recent undercover investigations of illegal practices in the funeral home industry confirmed a need for the low-cost funeral supply options provided by wholesaler Express Casket. Widespread abuses of consumers were proven in both cases, leaving consumers in even greater doubt about the value and trustworthiness of the funeral home industry.

An undercover investigation launched by the Federal Trade Commission demonstrated that dishonest pressure sales tactics and outright illegality are a relatively common occurrence among funeral home salespeople and operators.  Violations of the federally-mandated ‘Funeral Rule’ were committed by one-third of targeted funeral homes, across eight different states.  Individual violators were granted confidentiality following a settlement with the National Funeral Directors Association.

In New York, a separate undercover investigation led by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs found violations by nearly one in six funeral homes in that state, for offenses involving “… failure to list prices, failure to disclose on the phone the least and most expensive items in a specific category, failure to notify consumers that they may supply their own coffin and failure to display all coffins in the same general manner.” Punishment for these violations is ongoing.

In the wake of these findings, casket wholesaler Express Casket is leading the charge to provide consumers with affordable, high-quality to the public.  The company prides itself on its incredible selection of leading brands, transparent pricing, reliable next-day (or sooner) delivery, and exceptional customer service.  Express Casket has proven that funeral consumers have an attractive alternative to having to purchase a casket for full cost from a funeral home.