Earthdance Announces Global Events for September 21, 2024

Earthdance Registration Now Open

San Francisco, California – Earthdance, a globally renowned organization known for creating conscious events, is excited to announce that registration is now open for hosting Earthdance events worldwide during the weekend of September 21, 2024. This year marks Earthdance’s 27th anniversary, and celebrations are already underway with confirmed events in locations such as Rio du Sol in Brazil, various locations in South Africa, and across the United States.

The theme for this year’s events is “E = MC² (Evoluting = Mass Consciousness²)”, building upon the impactful message of last year’s theme, “Evoluting Through Love”. This theme emphasizes the profound transformative power of collective love and consciousness.

What began as a psychedelic rave gathering has evolved into one of the world’s largest globally synchronized music and dance events, encompassing hundreds of locations across 80 countries throughout its history.

Each Earthdance festival offers a vibrant celebration of music, dance, captivating speakers, art exhibitions, and diverse vendors offering unique wares. A defining moment in every festival is the synchronized “Prayer for Peace,” a profound moment of reflection and unity where participants come together in a powerful affirmation of peace. (Hear Prayer for Peace: )

Once again, the “Prayer for Peace” will be broadcast live from Florida via RadioCave on their YouTube channel [], with all proceeds benefiting OtterSpace (formerly The Ark).

True to its core values, Earthdance remains dedicated to giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from each event is generously donated to a local charity chosen by the event organizers.

Earthdance expresses sincere gratitude to its producers and the passionate attendees who contribute to making these events truly special. The Earthdance tribe’s unwavering commitment to fostering harmony and peace in the world is truly inspiring.

Beyond the festivals, Earthdance is actively involved in various initiatives:

  • Deep Green Genetics: Earthdance proudly supports Deep Green Genetics (DGG), a global network of multi-generation craft cannabis farmers and breeders. DGG offers the global community access to some of the finest heritage craft cannabis genetics in the world. []
  • Music: In commemoration of their 25th anniversary, Earthdance released a music compilation produced by Muti Music. This transformative compilation is available for download or streaming on multiple music platforms. []
  • Merchandise: Earthdance offers a way to show support for world peace with their new “Promoting Peace” t-shirts, available for purchase at Earthdance Global’s online store. []

Earthdance invites everyone to join their vibrant community and stay updated on their latest endeavors. For more information about Earthdance and potential collaborations, please visit

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About Earthdance: Earthdance is a pioneering organization that has been creating transformative, conscious events for 27 years. With a global reach and a profound commitment to promoting peace, Earthdance’s synchronized festivals have touched the hearts and minds of people across the world. The Prayer for Peace, a pivotal moment during each festival, fosters a unified intention for peace on all levels. As Earthdance continues to evolve, it embraces various initiatives, including supporting Deep Green Genetics and offering music compilations and merchandise that reflect their mission of promoting harmony and unity. Remember, we are “evoluting” through love when we laugh, sing, and dance!

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