Donald Trump’s Name and Likeness Used Illegally in Scams Targeting Patriots and Veterans


Stan Fitzgerald, a convicted felon from Operation Bullpen, is once again exploiting Americans.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, July 10, 2024 – A group of con artists, known as The Fitzgerald Crime Family, are defrauding unsuspecting American citizens through a series of deceitful schemes. Operating under various names and websites that closely resemble legitimate organizations, these individuals falsely claim affiliations with the Trump Campaign and invitations to events with groups like Veterans for Trump and Veterans for America First. Their aim is to deceive the public and trick them into donating money under false pretenses.

The legitimate Veterans for America First is legally incorporated in North Carolina as Veterans for America First – National Chapter, Inc. and Veterans for America First – North Carolina Chapter, Inc. (You can verify this information by searching …).

The Fitzgerald Crime Family is accused of engaging in bullying, identity theft, stalking, creating fake social media and email accounts to harass others, and filing unsubstantiated lawsuits using fraudulent claims as intimidation tactics. A licensed private investigator from Virginia has provided a sworn affidavit confirming these activities. They have reportedly swindled military veterans and political candidates across the country.

L Strategies, LLC, registered in Georgia and managed by individuals with controversial backgrounds, including federal felons Stan Fitzgerald, Donna Fitzgerald, Georgia attorney Jared Craig, and political activist Cait Corrigan, is central to these operations.

Leading this group is Stan Fitzgerald, a former police officer who retired under suspicious circumstances during a federal investigation into his involvement in “Operation Bullpen,” the largest forgery case in U.S. history. Stan, along with his wife Donna Kessler Fitzgerald and mother Josephine Fitzgerald, was convicted and served time in federal prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania. (This information is confirmed by Federal Prison in Allenwood, PA and US Southern District of California court records. You can also find information by searching “Operation Bullpen” and reading a past article by Rob Crilly of The Daily Mail).

Despite their criminal past, the Fitzgerald Crime Family continues their fraudulent activities, targeting political figures, veterans, and patriotic symbols to lend credibility to their scams. They have even gone so far as to falsely claim endorsements and create merchandise based on these fabricated endorsements, including a “Trump Tour Bus” that was later sold on eBay without authorization from Trump or his campaign.

Fitzgerald, a registered Democrat for 31 years (according to a background report from a licensed private investigator) before becoming an Independent in 2017, now claims to be a movie producer, involved in producing low-quality films and selling them on social media. These activities are part of a larger pattern of deception aimed at concealing their numerous fraudulent activities.

As of 2024, the Fitzgerald Crime Family includes Stan Fitzgerald, Donna Fitzgerald, Georgia attorney Jared Craig, former Democrat and failed congressional candidate Cait Corrigan, and potential new members such as retired Navy Admiral Charles Kubic, retired Army Captain and Navy veteran Robert Cornicelli, and war college veteran Jeff Hoffman. Their deceptive practices pose a significant national security risk, and caution is advised when dealing with them. Butch Conz Veterans for America First – National Chapter, Inc.


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