Custom Neon Signs by Levistina: UV Printed Logo Signs with a Narrative

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Levistina Launched an Exciting Assortment of Personalization Neon Name Signs, UV Printed Logo Neon Signs, and a Preloved Collection

San Francisco, California Jun 4, 2024 ¬†–¬†Levistina, a predominant online vendor of bespoke neon signs, is happy to announce the launch of a groundbreaking series of neon name signs, UV printed custom logo neon signs, and a one-of-a-kind preloved collection. The new offerings are designed to brighten up business spaces and personal spaces with artistic, made-to-order LED signs curated for bedrooms and professional environments.

Enhance Your Space with Custom Neon Signs

The new product line from Levistina comprises made-to-order neon name signs and UV printed custom logo neon signs, planned to meet various customer requirements. Whether it’s for an individual’s bedroom, a business, or a special event, these signs provide a personal touch and a creative means to enhance any space.

“Custom neon signs have become a popular trend for both personal and professional use. Our intention is to offer high-quality, customizable LED signs that meet the unique needs of our customers,” said Daniel Tran, CEO of Levistina. “Our new range, including UV printed custom logo neon signs, empower businesses to showcase their brand in a visually striking way.”

Sustainable and Stylish: The Preloved Collection

Apart from their custom neon signs, Levistina is proud to introduce the Preloved Collection. This curated selection of preloved neon signs serves as an eco-friendly option for those seeking to add a touch of vintage charm to their environments. Every piece in the Preloved Collection undergoes a thorough inspection and refurbishment process to ensure it satisfies Levistina’s demanding standards of quality and style.

Why Choose Levistina?

Levistina stands out in the market due to its unwavering commitment to quality, customization, and customer contentment. Our signs intended for businesses and bedrooms are crafted with top-notch materials and advanced technology, guaranteeing durability and brilliant illumination.

Customer Testimonials

“We recently placed an order for a for our daughter’s bedroom from Levistina. The quality is exceptional, and it adds a magical touch to her room,” expressed a delighted customer.

“Levistina’s UV printed custom logo neon sign has transformed into a focal point in our office reception area. It’s an amazing way for our brand to make an impression,” remarked a business owner.

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