CEO’s Heartwarming Initiative to Honour Terminally Ill Follower

CEO’s Heartwarming Mission for a groundbreaking causeGainesville, Florida May 6, 2024 – Founder of Time Fixes Everything Movement, Patrick Gaudet, Leads Global Initiative to Honor Terminally Ill Follower
Patrick Gaudet, the CEO and Founder of Clicöt Watches and the visionary behind the Time Fixes Everything movement, has embarked on a caring mission to honor one of his devoted followers facing a terminal diagnosis. Coop, as she is affectionately known within the community, reached out to Patrick to express how his content and messages had profoundly impacted her life. Little did they know that this initial connection would spark a remarkable journey of compassion, resilience, and community support.
As Patrick and Coop’s correspondence deepened, it became evident that Coop was battling a terminal illness with limited time left. Touched by her courage and inspired by her unwavering spirit, Patrick made it his mission to meet her in person, bridging the gap between virtual connections and real-life friendships.
Patrick and Coop share a mutual love for tattoos, and together they decided to immortalize their bond by getting matching tattoos with the words of the Time Fixes Everything movement etched onto their bodies as he prepares to make the journey from Montreal to Gainesville Florida to meet his dedicated follower and cement their bond.
The decision to undergo this deeply symbolic act of solidarity was met with an outpouring of support and admiration from the Time Fixes Everything community, demonstrating the power of empathy, connection, and shared purpose.
What began as a personal gesture between two individuals has since blossomed into a global movement of healing, hope, and celebration. Inspired by Patrick and Coop’s commitment to each other, members of the Time Fixes Everything 300K strong community from around the world have expressed their dedication to the journey of healing and connection by pledging to get their own Time Fixes Everything tattoos.
Now, Patrick and his community are rallying support to turn their live meetup into the first-ever live TikTok tattoo-a-thon in the world. This groundbreaking event will not only celebrate the indomitable spirit of Coop but also serve as a testament to the transformative power of community and the enduring bonds forged through shared experiences.
Local tattoo artists, travel companies, and sponsors are being sought to support this special cause and ensure that Coop’s legacy of love, resilience, and connection continues to inspire others around the globe.
Mollie, the campaign manager, can be contacted at for inquiries regarding sponsorships or collaborations.
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