Captain Quaalude Releases New Album ‘Dirty Club Samich’ Bringing Fresh Electronic Music

Richmond, Indiana Apr 28, 2024  – Captain Quaalude is bringing out his best game for electronic audio fans with his newest album. Comprising 10 tracks, ‘Dirty Club Samich’ is a perfect mood enhancer for Electronic lovers and anyone who enjoys rhythm and quality music. The album is creatively electric at its core, bringing out the genre’s authentic essence and encapsulating the concept’s curiosity. Throughout the 10 album tracks, the artist has used several genre-bending elements that successfully catered to a broader audience palette. Whether the audience rocks with a retro wave, or synthwave, or wants to explore uncharted musical territory, there is a track on the album, waiting to resonate with them.
Some of the standalone tracks from the album include ‘Timbre Field Studies from the Milky Way’, ‘Mating Dance Ritual’, ‘Stardust’, ‘Collage’, etc. The entire listening journey is as unique as each track. It’s an unforgettable musical experience for the audience. Captain Quaalude has also successfully showcased his god-gifted talent of impressing people with his musical craft and calling for his creative choices. The album is so uniquely made that its distinctive instrumental choices will make even non-EDM lovers ardent fans. ‘Dirty Club Samich’ is currently streaming on Spotify.
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