Book “Secrets of Success in Sales” launched in Hindi on Sales Management

On April 23, 2024, Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma virtually launched his new book in Hindi titled “Sales me Safalta ke Gupt Siddhant” on sales management.

Renowned author Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma officially launched his fourth book, “Sales me Safalta ke Gupt Siddhant” through a virtual event. The event was attended by his followers, family, and friends.

“Sales me Safalta ke Gupt Siddhant” is an exceptional book that shares invaluable knowledge in the field of sales. It combines the science and art of sales and sheds light on the hidden principles of success.

Here is a brief summary of the book:

The book focuses on personal development, body language, the art of listening, and the importance of psychology. The second chapter extensively discusses various aspects of personality and emphasizes the importance of corporate attire and grooming. In the third chapter, attention is drawn to the importance of understanding body language. The fourth chapter emphasizes the significance of the art of listening and the benefits it entails. The fifth chapter discusses empathy and humanization, which are crucial in any business. The sixth chapter highlights the importance of understanding human psychology. The seventh and eighth chapters emphasize the importance of continuous learning, which upgrades sales professionals and enhances their innovation and productivity.

This book is available globally in both eBook and paperback formats, and you can purchase it on Amazon and Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma has previously authored several books, including “The Art & Science of Sales,” “Mastering the Hidden Pathway to Sales Success,” and “Sales ek Kala aur Vigyan”.

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Contact: Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Email: Phone: +91-8907300036 About Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma is a seasoned sales professional with 40 years of sales leadership experience in the industry. Passionate about empowering others to excel in sales, Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma has helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve remarkable success through effective sales strategies and techniques. “Sales me Safalta ke Gupt Siddhant” book is the culmination of Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma’s expertise and dedication to the field of sales.Media ContactSales Heroes918907300036BL-10, UGF, Club Road,, Shalimar Bagh West,, Delhi 110088 Source :Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma