Biocube’s Face Recognition Solutions Transform Global Organizations Through CCTV


Gurgaon, Haryana Jun 19, 2024 – Biocube Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of biometric identity and Live Data Analytics Solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge CCTV-based face recognition solutions. This innovative technology is set to transform operations for organizations worldwide, offering advanced capabilities in workplace access, time and attendance, visitor management, and more.

CCTV and IP-based solutions are poised to revolutionize workplace access, time & attendance, visitor management, and much more. They incorporate cutting-edge artificial intelligence and face biometric technologies, enhancing the capabilities of existing surveillance systems and user experiences,” shared a Biocube Technologies employee.

The company chose its India headquarters as the initial testing ground for this technology. Employees can now seamlessly mark their attendance through surveillance cameras and receive real-time email notifications of their timestamps. Administrators can view logs on a customizable dashboard, streamlining time and attendance tracking, leave, and payment management. The solution integrates effortlessly with existing payroll management systems.

Beyond attendance, Biocube’s solution enhances access management by linking, significantly upgrading security and preventing intrusions or thefts.

The technology also includes body posture detection, identifying human postures, and raising alerts for anomalies. Furthermore, AI and computer vision technologies streamline visitor access, headcount and object detection, watchlist alerts, and more. Industries such as healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, hotel and hospitality, and many others can benefit from these scalable solutions.

“The potential of this innovation has been realized. Biocube is already receiving numerous inquiries and customization requests from organizations in India, the USA, the UK, and many other countries,” said a business development representative.

About Biocube Technologies, Inc.

Biocube Technologies, Inc. is the world’s first patented and AI-powered, multi-factor, multimodal, decentralized biometric identity, and real-time data analytics platform. We offer a cutting-edge Unified Digital Identity platform, featuring multi-vertical products and solutions designed to elevate security to new heights in a new era.

Our agile, AI-powered platform sets the standard for multi-factor, multimodal, and decentralized biometric identity, coupled with live data analytics capabilities. What sets Biocube apart is its adaptability and versatility, seamlessly compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, CCTV, IP cameras, laptops, and desktops, ensuring smooth integration into any technological environment without the need for specialized hardware.

Biocube serves a diverse array of industries, from immigration and border security to banking, travel, education, and beyond. Our unique product architecture and technological competencies make Biocube the perfect choice for a multitude of use cases, delivering unparalleled security and efficiency.

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TruNtrance – TruNtrance is a spoof-free, self-service, and tamperproof employee attendance and visitor access management solution for global enterprises. The AI-powered solution is backed with geolocation, timestamps, geofencing, and many other features.

IDenTrip – IDenTrip is a cutting-edge Air & Cruise Travel Technology dedicated to transforming the way we experience and manage travel.

BioKYC – BioKYC is a solution integrated with multifactor Bio-ID, making the onboarding smooth and further ensuring that the customer journey, e.g., transaction validation and payments, is secure & fraud-free.

Video Analytics – Video Analytics is an AI-driven surveillance and real-time reporting solution that helps in tightening organizational security, assists in post investigations, and detects as well as predicts potential anomalies.

IDaaS – IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) is a multimodal cloud-based solution with five biometric recognition technologies, namely face, fingerprint, voice, palm, and eye. The multifactor solution eliminates the need for passwords or OTPs to log into a digital account and enhances security with impenetrable random biometric checks.

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