Be Cyber-Resilient to Fight Off Cybercrime

In an age of digital threats and deep fakes, cyber-resilience is key. Stella Firewall’s Tales from The Cyber Crypt is a crucial guide that equips individuals and businesses with essential skills to navigate the online world safely. Wilmington, Delaware Apr 13, 2024  – In February this year, cybercriminals scammed a well-known Hong Kong bank out of $25 million using video deep fakes purporting to be executive staff issuing transfer instructions. Known as whale attacks, the dark arts of digital scammers have grown more lethal in 2024.

AI scams use technology to exploit the characteristics that make us human — empathy, compassion, loneliness, and greed. They are a burgeoning industry with tentacles reaching into social media, dating sites, company data, and individual banking apps.

Speaking anonymously, the cyber-security boss of one of the world’s biggest financial institutions reveals to ghostwriter Stella Firewall how sophisticated criminals exploit AI’s digital cloning abilities to prey on individuals and corporations in nine true tales traversing the current spectrum of cyber threats.

From pig butchering to vishing, smishing, mobile phone trojans, spear-phishing, and whale attacks, is your key to understanding what you’re up against. It offers 69 simple but effective ways to spot a scam before it starts.

Stella Firewall’s engaging prose takes you into the narratives of real-life cybercrime victims. Each tale brings to life the heart-pounding sagas of individuals trapped in an AI algorithm net. Use Tales from The Cyber Crypt to:

Glean insider weaponized social engineering tactics tips for better awareness.

Spoof-proof yourself in the battle against scams and deep fakes.

Outwit digital adversaries with over 69 simple yet powerful strategies.

Stay out of cyber crime’s reach.

The future belongs to the cyber-resilient. Whether you’re an individual navigating the vast online landscape or a business owner safeguarding your enterprise, provides essential skills and resources to emerge unscathed from the cyber jungle. It launches today!


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