AZTEC Beverage Company Introduces Pancho Villa Sodas, Featuring Authentic Mexican Flavors

Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 25, 2024 – AZTEC Beverage Company is excited to introduce its new product line, Pancho Villa Brand Sodas, inspired by the legendary Mexican revolutionary leader. This new range of sodas offers a refreshing and unique experience for consumers, capturing the vibrant and authentic flavors of Mexico.

Crafted to celebrate the essence of Mexican culture, Pancho Villa Brand Sodas feature bold and traditional flavors. Each soda is meticulously developed using high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic taste that pays homage to Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. The launch includes a variety of exciting flavors, each designed to transport drinkers to the heart of Mexico with every sip.

“At AZTEC Beverage Company, we are committed to both innovation and tradition,” said Jennifer Rothschild, CEO of AZTEC Beverage Company. “Pancho Villa Brand Sodas exemplify our dedication to celebrating Mexican culture and providing our customers with exceptional beverage experiences. We are thrilled to bring these authentic flavors to the market and invite everyone to savor the essence of Mexico.”

The introduction of Pancho Villa Brand Sodas coincides with the centennial of Pancho Villa’s death, a significant historical event. To commemorate this occasion, a 370-mile horseback march is being organized, inviting riders from across North America to participate. The march begins on Sunday at the Millennium Gate south of Juarez and concludes on July 19 in Parral, the southern Chihuahua town where Pancho Villa’s life tragically ended nearly 100 years ago. This event not only honors Pancho Villa’s legacy but also celebrates the enduring spirit of Mexican culture.

AZTEC Beverage Company invites everyone to join in this celebration of Mexican heritage by trying the new Pancho Villa Brand Sodas. Whether enjoyed at home, shared with friends, or sipped during the historical march, these sodas promise an unparalleled taste of tradition and innovation.

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