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Aum Care Group is a respected homecare organization dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance to individuals and families. Our commitment is to offer high-quality care that empowers people to achieve independence and live fulfilling lives. 

Our compassionate care workers understand the challenges faced by our service users and offer comprehensive support with empathy and kindness. As a leading home care provider, we take pride in delivering well-coordinated and highly personalized care that meets each individual’s unique needs.

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we provide tailored live-in care services to promote a sense of independence and control. Our bespoke and high-quality care provides a compassionate and viable alternative to traditional care homes, adopting a customized approach that addresses individual needs. 

Our Live-in carers go beyond meeting basic needs. They understand each individual’s unique requirements and create customized care plans that incorporate their goals and interests. Service users also benefit from flexible work plans and assistance in case of emergencies or unexpected needs.

Aum Care Group’s home care packages offer a compassionate and affordable solution. Our primary goal is to empower service users to remain in their homes with the support of a dedicated carer. Additionally, our live-in home care services include free activity sessions, flexible contracts with no restrictive termination terms, comprehensive language instruction, and live-in care starting at £799 per week.

We understand the importance of maintaining independence and fostering a sense of self-worth. Our experienced nurses provide exceptional care and precision without compromising quality. From personal assistance to maintaining hygiene, our dedicated care workers cover all aspects and are committed to exceeding your expectations in homecare needs.

Our care services encompass all activities and duties, including eating, dressing, and bathing, which can be challenging for individuals who may be ill. Whether you’re seeking elderly care services or young care, we go the extra mile to ensure our service users are satisfied and enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest. 

Unlock the door to compassionate care with Aum Care Group’s experienced homecare professionals who deliver excellence and innovation at every step. We equip individuals with flexible care packages, person-centered care, and professional guidance to help them achieve their health and well-being goals. We ensure your opinions are respected and treated with dignity.

Trust our customized treatment plans and professional homecare team, who work diligently to provide complete support with understanding and kindness. Our selfless service and compassionate care make us a renowned organization among others, who perform their duty without expectations of reward. 

Live an independent and fulfilling life with our tailored support and reliable treatment designed to suit individual preferences and requirements. Embark on a homecare journey with us and benefit from a range of flexible services that enable you to reside in familiar surroundings with safety and independence.  Whether you need assistance for someone with dementia or to manage challenging behavior, we provide the reliable support and care you need to maintain your freedom.

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