Arimitsu Brewery’s Go-Sake Wins Gold at Berlin Awards

Go-Sake was awarded with Gold and ‘Best in Class’ in Berlin. Berlin, Germany Apr 4, 2024 – The Craft Spirits Berlin Awards is Europe’s premier competition for artisanal spirits. Submitted products are evaluated by a 21-member international jury of experts and sensory analysts. A 100-point scoring system is applied in blind tastings to assess aroma, taste, balance, and distinctive features. Depending on the score achieved, gold, silver, or bronze medals are awarded. This year, over 570 products were submitted. This year, the Junmai Ginjo Go-Sake, produced by the Arimitsu Brewery in Kochi, was awarded with Gold and recognized as the best Japanese sake. “We are delighted with these two awards and extend our thanks to the 21 jury members and Craft Spirits Berlin for this honor,” said Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO and Co-Founder of . “The increasing international demand for authentic culinary experiences has contributed to the growing popularity of Japanese sake. Ultimately, the popularity of Japanese sake reflects people’s fascination with the rich culture and craftsmanship of Japan.” Junmai Ginjo Sake is a special type of sake defined by a specific production process. ‘Junmai’ refers to the fact that the sake is made purely from rice, without the addition of alcohol or sugar. ‘Ginjo’ denotes a quality grade indicating that the rice used for the sake has been highly polished to achieve greater purity and refinement. Junmai Ginjo Sake is therefore renowned for its delicate flavor, complex aroma profile, and high quality.” – The Sake Brand, was founded in 2017 to promote Japanese sake culture. Go-Sake offers premium sake from small sake breweries and supports these breweries in introducing their handcrafted sake to Europe. represents a new, modern approach to sake consumption with modern packaging and contemporary knowledge dissemination through tastings, lectures, workshops, and training sessions. Recently, Go-Sake was included in MEINIGER’S WEINWELT list of the best craft sake and was awarded Gold, as the best Japanese entry, at the Frankfurt International Wine Trophy in 2023. This was followed by Gold in Berlin and Lyon in 2024.Media ContactGo-Sake / Mei Watana¬≠be Source :Go-Sake