Apple to Lay Off 600 Workers After Ending Car and Watch Projects

Santa Clara, California Apr 5, 2024  – Apple halting their car and watch display project is leading to 600 layoffs in California. They also have scrapped their long-term efforts to create next-gen display screens for smartwatches. These two decisions will lead to 600 layoffs and the majority will take place in the Santa Clara office. For these two ambitious projects, Apple has hit the brakes in February 2024. As per records, these cancellations were not any sort of sudden decision. According to the report, it further stated that Apple executives struggled to agree on a clear direction for these projects and were also grappling with huge costs.
The manufacturers of the display screens initiative encountered its own set of hurdles, including various engineering challenges. Apple also faced difficulties in securing reliable suppliers and they also have faced a really hard time keeping their costs under control. The report mentioned everything in detail about each of these projects that they have tried to work on hard. But, everything will end badly for these 600 employees in California who will be losing their jobs due to the closure of these ambitious projects initiated by Apple.
Amongst these 600 employees, the major layoff will take place in the main office of the Apple Car project in Santa Clara. Along with it, the layoff will also impact the smaller satellite offices of Apple Yet, some fortunate employees will be given the option to relocate within the internal ecosystem of Apple. Employees who are working with artificial intelligence and personal robotics are the fortunate ones in this scenario. But overall, the impact would be extremely harsh for Apple.
Apple has kept its mum on this topic and didn’t share exactly how many employees will be losing their jobs. Additionally, the filed notice with the WARN has reflected that there will be huge job losses in California. It also suggested true scopes of reduction might be larger in number. It can fathom that Apple had other employees as well for these projects across various locations. As per reports Apple let go of 371 employees from its car projects.Media ContactDaniel Martin Source :daniel martin