MorningBaseball and Game On Media Solutions Forge Partnership to Revolutionize the Baseball Streetwear Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA, Nov 7, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – MorningBaseball, a start-up baseball apparel company, has partnered with Game On Media Solutions (GOMS), an innovative media, content and sponsorship representation company, with the goal of transforming the baseball streetwear industry.

MorningBaseball aims to inspire and motivate baseball players worldwide to achieve their dreams and conquer the challenges they face on their journey to the next level. One of the brand’s goals is to highlight and support athletes in prioritizing their mental and physical well-being and finding a healthy balance between their passion for the game and self-motivation. Through their unique apparel designs, the MorningBaseball brand wants to instill a sense of purpose, determination, and perseverance, reminding athletes to wake up, work hard, and dream big in order to accomplish their dreams of making it to the next level.

Cameron Seoane, MorningBaseball Founder, said, “MorningBaseball is a unique streetwear clothing brand in the baseball space that was created with a goal of motivating and impacting players of all ages through stylish off the field apparel. As an ex-college baseball player that dealt with athlete burnout after injury, I understand how important it is to have as many outlets of motivation possible when playing in this incredibly tough sport. MorningBaseball is excited to team up with GOMS to come together and spread our message across the baseball community.”

Jacob Crossley, President of MorningBaseball, emphasized that “MorningBaseball is a call to action for every athlete: prioritize well-being, fuel your passion, and chase your dreams. We are extremely excited to be working with Game On Media Solutions and take MorningBaseball to new heights.”

Chuck Bortnick, GOMS Managing Partner, explained, “Game On Media Solutions was built with the goal of partnering with and representing unique content to provide brands with creative and impactful opportunities. MorningBaseball doesn’t just represent a timely brand, MorningBaseball represents the athlete’s journey. GOMS is very excited to be working with Cameron and Jacob on their MorningBaseball journey.”

About MorningBaseball

Founded by Cameron Seoane, an ex-college baseball player who experienced the devastating impact of athlete burnout and the struggle with confidence after injury, MorningBaseball was born out of a deep desire to give back to the game and support fellow athletes. With a passion for innovative and motivational streetwear, the company will create a brand that does not only look good but also positively uplifts and encourages athletes to push beyond their limits. (

About Game On Media Solutions

Game On Media Solutions (GOMS) is a sponsorship, distribution, and media content representation company with diverse opportunities, focusing on multi-channel marketing sponsorships and sales strategy development for companies and brands. Areas of focus include Sports Marketing and Media, Audio/Video Platforms Sponsorship & Distribution including streaming and podcasts, Product Integration-Film/TV, Multicultural Opportunities- (all platforms) and Cause Marketing opportunities for Brands.

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